Food Safety Training   

Foodpath is based in Johannesbug, Gauteng. However, training is offered at your premises throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries such as Zimbabwe and Botswana.

It was established in October 2012 to focus on providing in house food safety training primarily in the food manufacturing sector. This need was identified through the many years of experience of the owner and director, Nicola Brook. Foodpath is client driven and adaptable to meet your requirements in terms of number of delegates, skills levels and the duration of the training.

The company aims to offer a “Pathway to Safe Food ” by starting with food safety induction training of new employees. Specific courses can then be added as people gain work experience and food safety management system knowledge. Training may be targeted to raise the awareness of shop floor workers or improve the understanding and role of food safety team members. Executive managers can be brought up to date with latest technical developments or audit requirements.

Your company can define what the training needs are and Foodpath can customize the training material to meet these needs. Wherever possible sector specific examples will be included to highlight the risks associated with a specific industry sector.

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